Jon & Luella 

Grayson, Barrett, & Vienna

Luella joined the Fuze team in early 2011 after she lost 2 pant sizes as a Fuze customer.  Attracted to the limitless business opportunity with Herbalife and Fuze, Luella quickly replaced her full time restaurant manager/bartender job and grew her Health Coach clientele.

Jon started coming to Fuze in 2013 and lost 17 lbs.  He quickly replaced his mill job with Herbalife income. 

Luella and Jon were key operators who helped grow Fuze's daily consumers to over 650 at its peak, contributing to the growth both behind the bar and behind-the-scenes.

Luella and Jon married in 2016 and have two sons, Grayson & Barrett, and one daughter, Vienna.

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A Partnership is Born

Luella and Lindsey worked together at Fuze for over 8 years, both contributing to its growth.  Both were trained by Kurt & Cindy O'Connell, one of 52 International Chairman's Club members with Herbalife.  Both Luella & Lindsey are incredibly grateful for Kurt & Cindy's leadership and mentorship as they trusted this partnership to oversee Fuze's future. 


Luella, Lindsey, Scott, and Jon have a shared passion for serving Fuze's customers, continuing Fuze's energetic atmosphere, and upholding the positive impact in the community.

Thank you all for your support at Fuze!

Scott & Lindsey

Blakely & Baylor

Lindsey joined the Fuze team in 2010 after completing a 10-week weight loss challenge.  She lost 7 lbs and felt incredible energy. 

Lindsey got started with Fuze because she loved the positive atmosphere and the friendly company behind the bar.  She got started with Herbalife and Fuze with hopes of owning her own club in the future.  Lindsey invested her years at Fuze managing many behind-the-scenes aspects and growing Fuze's clientele.

Lindsey and Scott married in 2014 and have two daughters, Blakely & Baylor.

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