LIT Fuze Camp Workouts!

Want to join motivating, fun, and results-driven workouts?

Join the LIT Fuze Camps!  Every workout and exercise is designed for every fitness level, whether you're just starting to explore working out, or you are a fitness extraordinaire.  



Join in January 2020 for a locked-in rate for $59/month!  (Rate is good for 12 months!)  Membership is month-to-month, can cancel anytime.  Regular price is $69/month, starting February 1st.

Want to just "drop in" for a class?  Only $4.00 for your first class! 

$8.00/class after your first workout.

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Ready to start as your best self in 2020? 

Ready to be astounded by your 6-week results?

Join the 6-Week FIT CHALLENGE for $69!

    * Winners PAYOUT POT $$$

    * January 6-February 14

    * Results-driven workouts for all fitness levels

    * Before & After body scans

    * Motivating, energetic workouts

    * Join as many workouts as you'd like

    * One-on-one coaching available

    * Nutrition plans available


    * You like making excuses.

    * You're not ready for weight loss or toning results.

    * You don't like motivation or encouragement.

Pre-register HERE.  (Click to see registration times.)  Last day to join is January 10.

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